Create a more healthful life today and truly be well.

The Living Room founder, Erica Robertiello (Psychology MA, NASM certified CPT, FNS, CES), has extensive experience in addressing diverse client needs and goals, helping them to create and live a positive and healthful lifestyle. 

Emphasis is placed on using exercise not only as a means to improve physiological conditions, but also to correct postural deficits and promote true alignment.  The Living Room training ideology is centered on the belief that movement IS health, and furthermore, an individual’s psychological constructs are predicated upon this movement.  

We also recognize that the path to health and wellness can be a deeply personal journey.  Our guests are treated and respected as individuals and our programs are personally tailored to suit the individual's needs and goals.  

Our passion (and creativity) allow us to continually evolve our programs and for our guests to stay fully invested in their own progress.  Guests also benefit from a vast network of holistic health professionals including chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga and pilates instructors, and nutritionists.

Whatever your wellness needs are The Living Room can help you achieve them, safely and effectively.  

Make a positive change TODAY and get the the support system you need to help achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle.