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Ever wish there was an after school movement class (with student pick-up) offered for your child that revolved around exploration, play, music, creativity, expression, while also helping your child build their strength, coordination and gross motor skills? And, wasn’t sport/martial art/dance genre specific?

Hey we wish too! We want your child to explore and have fun utilizing their whole body in a structured movement class which is why we are pleased to now offer......

The Living Room’s Brain and Body Builders

                     play and dance based full body movement classes for children
with Carrie Demos

January 30th - June 19th

Class Schedule:

Dismissal- 3pm  Student School Pick-up

3:15-3:30 pm Supervised Snack

3:30-4:30/4:45 pm Movement Class (7-9 yr olds)

4:45-5:45 Brain Time (Homework Help/Reading/Quiet time)

5:45-6 pm Student Dismissal

Taught by Carrie Demos


FAQ & Program Information


What exactly is this class? Is it dance? Is it fitness? Tell me!

Guess what? It is both but neither at the same time. I know it boggles our brains too...
Students will explore what their bodies can do and engage with their teacher and fellow movers through a dance-based curriculum. Does this mean they will being doing plies, tendus, i.e., learning/practicing the specific codified skills of dance? No. Students will engage in a full brain and body warm-up that mirrors reflex development, which then in turn will help support their own specific physical reflex integration and illuminate any potential missing or challenged links in their own movement patterns. Students will then take on specific strength training/gross motor skill development either non-traveling or traveling, solo or with a partner, and the focus will be on keeping it fun! Class will continue with greater challenges of physical obstacle courses, movement exploration/dance making and end with free movement and a cool-down. We love the idea of using dance and play to stimulate coordination, strength and cardiovascular development in your young mover and hope you do to! Why only kick a ball and do a plie when your student can be supported to simply move and focus on strength and body integration.


What types of activities will my child be doing in class?

• cultivating breath
• stretching
• strengthening (core and limb)
• balancing
• learning body parts and action word vocabulary (jump roll, leap) • cultivating gross motor skills
• partner and group work (dance making/physical and social-emotional skill building) • creating (movement phrases, obstacles courses, physical games)
• savasana/culminating rest

How long is the movement class/session?

Each class is an hour long to both challenge your mover but also to keep class length appropriate to your mover’s age. Hey we get it, school all day can both make your child ripe/itching to move, but also a bit tired. We aim to offer the ideal amount of play/physicality and real life young mover know how.


What will my student be doing when their age group is not in the movement class/session?

When not in movement class/session (3:30-4:30 pm or 4:45-5:45 pm) your student will be supervised amongst his/her class/session mates to have quiet “brain” time. While we will have a few extra activities/books on hand to inspire your child, we kindly ask that your student bring a book or two, any homework, drawing/origami/craft materials, puzzles with them to help them enjoy this time either pre or post movement. Please note we will not be allowing electronics (I- Pods, I-Pads, I-Phones, etc.) to be used during quiet “brain” time. We want to fully support/provide space for your student’s OWN fast high thinking, swipe right and left thoughts and brains.


What about pricing? Do I have to enroll my student for the full 16 week session?

The price of The Living Room’s Brain and Body Builders’ full 16 week Spring Session is $ 1120.00?

The first class of the Spring Semester will be January 30th and the last class will be held June 19th, honoring school closing/holidays there within.

We will also offer a drop-in rate to students who want to join the program, but are not sure about the 16 week commitment.  School Pick Up however, will not be available for the drop in option.  Drop In classes are $50 and students are asked to be arrive no later than 3:30 PM.  

We will also offer a drop-in rate to students who want to join the program, but are not sure about the 16 week commitment.  School Pick Up however, will not be available for the drop in option.  Drop In classes are $50 and students are asked to be arrive no later than 3:30 PM.  

**  If space allows, we may be able to coordinate late enrollments and associated pro rates for Little Movers who want to join after the program has already begun.

How many students will be in a class?

Class size is 2-8 movers and we will honor “first paid first enrolled”, while also maintaining a waiting list for movers beyond our 8 mover class limit.


I see that The Living Room has a variety of great wellness offerings for me? Can I schedule a Reiki/Massage/Private Training session while my child is in class or another time during the week?

Absolutely! We would love to have you check out our “grown-up” offerings and enjoy/strengthen/ relax/heal. All reservations must be made in advance online to ensure availability.  AND... did we mention your first session is 15% off just for enrolling your student in Brain and Body Builders!  


Does this include student pick-up?

Yes! We currently offer student pick-up from P.S 84 and Brooklyn Arbor to those students enrolled in the 16 week course option.   We kindly ask that you are timely in your arrival to pick up your student AFTER class with us so that we may best serve our community of Brain and Body Builders as well as the adults who use the studio for evening classes/private sessions.


Tell me about the teacher, Carrie? Who is she and why is she awesome?

Carrie Demos is a dance educator, Pilates instructor and movement enthusiast based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A graduate of Colorado State University (B.A. in Performing Arts-Emphasis in Dance) and The Foundations of Dance Education, Dance Education Laboratory at the 92nd St Y, Carrie has served on faculty at the 92nd St Y Harkness Dance Center, and currently serves on faculty with Peridance Capezio Center’s Young Movers/PeriChild program and specializes in movement for children. Carrie additionally serves as a Teaching Artist for New York City Ballet Education, teaching NYCB curricula/residencies in New York City Public Schools and has worked with The New York City Department of Education in collaboration with the Dance Education Laboratory to further advance standards for dance education in grades K-8 by helping to train Pre-K educators by serving as a Co-Facilitator for the NYCDOE’s 2015 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Training and as an Adjudicator for their Arts Achieve Initiative. As a certified Pilates Instructor (Kane School of Core Integration) Carrie has actively enjoyed working to create alignment centered classes for adults and continues to strengthen her own teaching by studying Kinesiology/ Anatomy from master anatomist/teacher, Irene Dowd and Ayurvedic practices from Rebecca Dietzel. Carrie remains passionate about physical movement to gain greater health/balance for the spirit, brain and body, and couldn’t be more excited to share her passion with the Living Rooms’ youngest movers!

Ms Carrie in her natural element

Ms Carrie in her natural element


Little Movers, BIG FUN!

Scenes from Brain & Body Builders "The Nutcracker" performance.



WHAT if I still have questions before I enroll?

Great! We'd love to help! Please feel free to email erica@thelivingroombk.com with any further questions or concerns


I'm ready to enroll!  How do I sign my child up?

That's amazing!  To start the enrollment process please visit the link below and select "Children's Programs" via the dropdown menu.  Once you complete payment you will be emailed a welcome packet including intake information, school pickup releases, waivers/ allergy documentation, and your special service promo code!