Fall Fit in!

Although it may be a bummer to say goodbye to Summer the change of season does provide us with an excellent opportunity to FALL back into our FITNESS routine!

FALL FIT IN is a 14 class series blending studio favorites like NYMP, Smooth Operator, Inner Olympian (and more) with bootcamp classes in McCarren Park.

Small class sizes (Studio 3ppl / Park 5ppl) make these “group” workouts highly customized, offering high access coaching, and ensuring all clients get a great workout that feels good to their body.

I don’t believe in one size fits all!

When you’re in my class you will get focused attention, accommodation, and support so that you can meet your goals without fear of injury.

September 2019

October 2019

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Class Descriptions


Not Your Momma's Pilates

This 50 minute class is a blend of high intensity intervals and some of the finest moves Joseph Pilates has to offer. We've kicked things up a notch from the standard mat class adding weights, plyometrics, and playful twists to traditional moves that without a doubt will leave you sweating! No offense to your Momma, but THIS class is so much better!
(The class meets @ The Duplex / 3 people maximum)


STRENGTH/ endurance/ Stability


This class takes love for the Swiss Ball to a whole other level.  For 50 minutes you'll get down with this amazing tool developing gains in balance, coordination, stabilization, core control, and overall strength.  Here you’ll blend new and challenging ways of moving your body, while keeping the concept of FUN alive in your exercise programming!
(The class meets @ The Duplex / 3 people maximum)


Leave those boring crunches alone and come prepared for this 50 minute abdominal sculpting workout that is guaranteed to keep your heart rate up.  The perfect blend of core work and cardio bursts designed to improve your powerhouse and endurance! Focus will be made on learning how to properly recruit and engage the muscles of the core while moving through a variety of dynamic exercises.  
(The class meets @ The Duplex / 3 people maximum)

Total Resistance

This 50 minute class is not for the faint of heart.  A total body workout using the TRX (total resistance training system) that will leave virtually no muscle untouched, including most massively your core.  There is no other way to say it, the TRX gets in there! Challenging moves are accompanied with modifications, if need be, allowing this class to cater to a variety of fitness levels.
(The class meets @ The Duplex / 3 people maximum)

Inner Olympian

This 50 minute high intensity workout inspires you to harness your inner athlete. A full body sweat session that incorporates weight training with power style movements, intending to push you past usual thresholds and inspire change in muscular strength, force production, and cardiovascular endurance.
(The class meets @ The Duplex / 3 people maximum)

Smooth Operator

This 50 minute class utilizes gliding discs to challenge you with a wide variety of exercises targeting all major muscle groups. The discs allow you to complete movements with a greater range of motion (think harder) while decreasing risk of injury (yay!). Variety is the best defense against training plateaus, and this class will certainly challenge cardiovascular ability, balance, and muscular strength in an exciting way. (Even abdominal exercises are taken to a whole new level...... hasta la vista boring crunches).
(The class meets @ The Duplex / 3 people maximum)

Park Bootcamp

This 50 minute park workout utilizes the outdoors to give you a sweat session that is creative, fun, and challenging. This class combines the track, with explosive bodyweight movements, and tried and true strength training giving you an incredible workout and a mood boost, as you take your fitness regimen outside of the gym!
(This class meets at McCarren Park (entrance at the intersection of Driggs and Lorimer Streets) / 5 people maximum)

Sweat & Sip

Sweat & Sip is designed to put some FIRE into your Fridays. Starting off with a semi private group class programmed around using the vastness of the park along with some of the most fun boot camp style exercises my brain can conjure up.

After we sweat together we sip and bullshit together! We'll gather at a local bar following the workout for some chill time and celebration of life! In a city of millions it can be hard to connect. However, community is everything and once you sweat and drink together... you're basically family!
(This class meets at McCarren Park (entrance at the intersection of Driggs and Lorimer Streets) / 5 people maximum)


Balanced Body

This 50 minute class begins by focusing on restorative techniques for the body, including dynamic stretching and high density foam rollers. The goal is to lengthen tight and over active muscles while also using self massage methods to bring efficiency back into the muscular system. This allows the body to open and better receive exercises. The second part of the class will be centered on balance, targeting all major muscle groups, and is designed to challenge internal stabilization systems. This program is created with the goal of preventing injury while also helping reset the body in a challenging and new way.

Summer of Sweat Pricing options:

SIngle class $35

5 Pack Semi Private Group Classes $160

10 Pack Semi Private Group Classes $300

STUDIO POLICY : Cancellations : Lateness

* The Duplex is now conveniently located one block from the Montrose L stop. Since it is a live / work space I will email you contact details 24 hours prior to class time with all of the information necessary for your arrival! Also, please be advised that I do have 2 large dogs and 1 VERY LARGE cat who also live in the space. If you are allergic or are generally uncomfortable with animals, this studio is probably not the right fit for you.

** I fully understand that life can be unpredictable, however as a small studio with limited space we do utilize a 12 hour cancellation policy for all group and private sessions. Cancellations made outside of this window will result in forfeiture of class.

*** To ensure fairness and quality to all clients we do employ a 5 minute grace period for lateness.  Please call ahead if you will be late. Apologies, but late entry to class beyond the aforementioned grace period will not be permitted.

Thank you for understanding.