A hugely important aspect of any well rounded exercise and self care regimen is massage.  While we incorporate soft tissue work, flexibility, and mobility in our private training sessions and class programming there is still no substitute for a skilled medical massage.   At the studio we aim to be efficient in our holistic approach.  That means you only need to make ONE STOP for all of your somatic needs.  Whether it is to assist the recovery of an injury, to address a nagging pain, or to simply pamper yourself- we have you covered.


Meet our therapistS:


Richard Andrews

Richard has been a practicing massage therapist since 2009 when he graduated from California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles. He began working at Healing Hands Wellness Center in LA in 2010 where he developed the depth and breadth of his practice. After moving to New York he returned to massage school at the Swedish Institute in 2016 to meet New York State’s licensing requirements. There he expanded his knowledge and skill set further by studying techniques like Cranio-Sacral and Polarity. It is commonly held that a massage is either “therapeutic” or “relaxing,” but Richard believes that for the best results both aspects must be present. Focusing on targeted Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, he incorporates energy modalities such as Trager and Cranio-Sacral into his work to create an experience of healing relaxation. 


 Richard Andrews, LMT

Richard Andrews, LMT



Youthen Joseph

A graduate of the Swedish Institute, Youthen Joseph entered the massage therapy profession to support high-level performers and athletes attain and maintain excellent performance condition.  Youthen is excited to support members of the TLR, BK community with massage that lowers stress, enhances mobility/freedom or range of motion in the body, and relieves acute to chronic pain. He combines his knowledge of Swedish relaxing and deep tissue, Medical, Sports, Myofascial Release, Trigger-Point Therapy and 5-element Shiatsu to create treatment plans tailored to the needs of each client. Youthen is also a professional dancer and dance educator. 

 Youthen Joseph, LMT

Youthen Joseph, LMT



Treatment options AND PRICING:

Signature Massage          $100/ 60 mins               $150/90 mins

The Signature Massage can include any of the following treatment modalities:  Swedish, Kinetic Awareness, Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point Pressure), Polarity Energy (Set Balance Energy), Connective Tissue Therapy (Extreme Deep Structure Massage), Sport/Medical Massage, and/ or Deep Tissue.  We invite you to speak with your therapist prior to your service to determine the best approach for your current body needs and to select a particular modality that you prefer.

To book your session visit our online store.  If you do not see the availability you desire please call or email for additional help!