Tight Body Thursday's 4.8.1 Series - 1/23/14!

This week we will be testing your skills with a Versa Loop. As always our #tbt session is comprised of 4 exercises, 8 intervals, and just one piece of equipment. See comments section for exercise descriptions! Have fun in #movement and share!

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Crunch w/Abduction:

Place Versa Loop on both legs above the knee joint. Lie on your back with bent knees and feet touching side by side. As you peel your shoulder blades off the floor contracting your abs press the band apart using the outer hip muscles. Make sure to synchronize both movements together and also keep the feet flat, big toes touching the floor, as you press the band apart to ensure maximum isolation.

Squat w/ Abduction:

Keeping the band in the same place stand with feet slightly narrower than hips width distance apart. As you perform a squat press the knees and band apart using your outer hips. As with the previous movement make sure your feet remain fully connected the floor, espeically the big toe, to ensure maximum work from the hips. As you stand return the knees to the starting position.

Rotator Cuff:

Place the versa loop on both forearms and bend at the elbows to bring arms into a 90 degree position where your wrists are facing up. The upper arm and elbow should maintain contact with the torso as you rotate the shoulders open bringing the wrists away from each other. This may not be a huge range of motion especially if you are truly keeping the upper arm bone fixed. Return arms to starting point and repeat.

Plank w/ Abductor Step Outs:

Place the versa loop back on both legs above the knee joint. Come into plank position where your shoulders are centered above the wrists. Do not let that position become distorted as you step one leg out against the resistance of the tube, touching the floor, and return back to center. Repeat this movement consistently alternating legs.