Tight Body Thursday's 4.8.1 Series - 2/13/14!

#tbt time ya'll! It's snowing out but this 4.8.1 workout will help you stoke an internal fire! Ankle weights are our equipment of choice this week. As always care to share and help your favorite people stay moving!

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February 13, 2014 - 481 TBT.jpg

Squat & Side Kick- Start the movement by performing a squat like normal. As you begin to raise out of the kick out to the side with your right leg. Try to make the movement as fluid as possible. Switch kicking leg on the next interval.

Toe Touch Crunches- Lay on your back with your legs extended up to the ceiling. Keep your feet flexed (toes to shins) and legs as straight as possible (tight hamstrings may make this difficult). While maintaining the leg position, crunch to bring the upper back off the floor.

Push and Climb- This movement is a blend between a pushup and a mountain climber. Begin by performing a pushup. Once you have pressed yourself back up to the top pull one knee up into your chest and then quickly alternate to the other leg. Once you have tucked each leg in drop down and take another pushup.

Weighted Jumping Jacks- These are just like a traditional jumping jack except with the extra weight on the legs they are a bit more work, or fun, depending on your perspective.