Tight Body Thursday's 4.8.1 Series - 2/20/14!

Whew. Today was a doozy. Good thing this week's #tbt is with the medicine ball and requires slamming it!  Find one and get to work! This session will help to release some serious stress and create that tight body!  

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Medicine Ball Slams- Just like it sounds. Lift the ball above the head and use your shoulders and abdominal muscles to slam the ball down to the floor. Pick up and repeat as fast as possible.

Squat to Press- Hold the medicine ball with bent elbows in front of the chest. Squat and as you begin to stand press the medicine ball up to the ceiling in a fluid controlled motion.

Wood Chopper- This move will require a full body twist. Begin with the ball raised above your head to one side. In a fluid movement bring the ball down to the lower opposite side of the body. In doing so allow the knees to bend and then stand up allowing the arms to travel in the same diagonal path up to start. Switch sides on the next interval.

Single Arm Pushup- This can be performed in full pushup position or on the knees for a modification. Begin with one hand on the medicine ball and one on the floor. Perform a pushup as usual focusing on the arm on the floor (that's the arm doing more work). Switch arms on the next interval.