Tight Body Thursday's 4.8.1 Series - 2/27/14!

It's an international #tbt this week as we get our #sweat on with the Swiss Ball! #tightbodythursday challenge is up for the taking! Care to share! 

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Swiss Ball Pushups - For the first interval, position yourself on the Swiss Ball so that your feet are on top and your hands are on the floor in pushup position. For the next interval, place the feet on the floor and the hands on the Swiss Ball. This version requires a lot of balance so a modification to help assist the movement would be to place the ball against a wall to help stabilize.

Hamstring Curls- Lay on the floor with the Swiss Ball at your ankles. Place the arms to the sides of your body. As you press your arms into the floor engage the hamstrings to lift the hips in the air. Keep your hips in the air as you bend your knees curling the ball into you and then returning the legs to straight.

Lunge with Rotation- Place your feet in position to perform a standing lunge and hold the Swiss Ball with straight arms at chest level. As you lower down, bending in both knees, rotate the torso (and ball) in the direction of the front leg. For the first interval place your right leg in front and rotate to the right. On the next interval complete the same task but on the left leg.

Oblique Cross Crunch- Sit on the ball and roll down until the ball is about at your lower/ middle back. The lower the ball is the harder the exercise will be. As you begin to sit up perform a cross crunch bringing your elbow and shoulder blade towards its opposite side. Release fully back onto the ball and then alternate sides.