Tight Body Thursday's 4.8.1 Series - 2/06/14!

Slide, Slide, Slippity, Slide! Who remembers that throwback!?! It's #tbt time and we are working it out using#glidingdiscs. As always sharing is caring, pass it along!

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Reverse Lunges- Place one foot on the discs, grounding down through the stationary (non-disc) leg. Slide the foot on the disc backwards into a reverse lunge and contract the stationary leg to return you to standing.

Single-Arm Sliders- Position a disc on each hand and kneel down with both knees on a mat (if available). Lean body weight over the hands and slide one arm out in front of you. While the hand on the disc slides out the non-moving arm makes a single arm push up allowing the torso to lower towards the floor. Contract the abs and press into the stationary arm to pull the body back up to starting position. Alternate sides and repeat.

Disc Sit- Ups- Lay down with both heels positioned on discs legs extended. As you do a full sit up drag your heels fully into your hips allowing your knees to bend. 

Mountain Climbers- Come into plank position with both feet centered on the discs. Hold your body in plank, do not allow your hips to fall to the floor, quickly bend the knees sliding them in towards your chest in a quick alternating motion.