Do you even MEDITATE?!?! We Do!

The winter months can be a challenge with dreary skies, cold temperatures, and much less daylight than we'd all like.  Add in the regular stresses of NYC living and you have the perfect recipe for exhaustion.

In an attempt to help our clients find and maintain a sense of calm within the chaos we have created a brand new guided meditation class.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of  "YOGA:Peace" to our already robust class roster. Taught by Kristin on Monday's at 9:30 am AND Friday's at 10:30 am.  This class will leave you feeling well rested, mentally nourished, and at PEACE!!

You work hard at training your physical being, now it's time to give your spiritual and emotional self the same quality of love and daily maintenance! The benefits of meditation are many; including the alleviation of stress and anxiety, boosts in creativity, increased brain function, and improved quality of sleep (plus many many more).  Who doesn't want that??

 As you build your better YOU in 2016 invest in not only in a healthy body but also a healthy mind!

See you in class!