Bring The Living Room Brooklyn into YOUR living room this Summer....

Traveler's Guide to Staying Fit


The Traveler's Guide to Staying Fit  is a 7 day workout series designed to bring our most popular classes (with a few special add ons) right into your living room, hotel room, or anywhere you may be this Summer and beyond.  

The goal of this program is to make fitness accessible to you while you travel and spend time outside in a season that represents movement and freedom. You are not beholden to a gym to get a good sweat on.... and, I'll prove it! All of these workouts are MANAGEABLE (20 minutes) and PORTABLE (equipment free - you will need a set of paper plates / hand towels for the Smooth Operator workout) allowing you to stay consistent and committed to your health with ease.

What do you get?

Included in the Traveler's Guide:

  • 7 Days of TLR Workouts:
    Day 1 Coredio
    Day 2 Upper Body
    Day 3 Lower Body
    Day 4 Not Your Momma's Pilates
    Day 5 Inner Olympian
    Day 6 Smooth Operator
    Day 7 Function Junction
  • A complete, printable, easy to follow program design for each workout. 
  • Online video access to exercise demonstrations, program / workout design instruction, modifications, and MOTIVATION!
  • A super fun way to stay connected to the studio when you can't make it in for class.


How Do you Get it?

Delivered right to your inbox is a written program design for each day's class.  It gives a detailed description of the workout; breaking it down by series and giving you a play by play of what exercise to do and for how long.  You can print out the PDF and bring it along to your favorite workout location following along easily and effectively.  

Also included in the program is access to online video instruction.  The videos allow you to watch demonstrations, take note of modifications, and get motivation & incentive, anywhere you're able to find wifi!  These two methods can be used in conjunction or piecemeal- again, this program is all about what works for you and having options for versatility.   


I'd love for you to be one of the first people to experience The Living Room Brooklyn in it's new online capacity, which is why I made this program super affordable (less than a single class at the studio).  For $16 you can enjoy access to the ENTIRE program TODAY! 



** I've been sharing sneak peeks of this program on the studio's Instagram page.  Curious to see what you're in for?  Or, want to try before you buy?  Head over to our feed and test drive some of the workouts!