At the studio we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to fitness and wellness.  Offering our clients a variety of services to allow them to feel as healthy and vibrant as possible in their daily lives.  

As part of our wellness program the studio now offers physical therapy services to clients for a wide variety of needs. Whether you are looking to learn proper workplace ergonomics, or are a runner who is plagued by injury, or are interested in learning more about muscle tapping and orthotics it is our mission to help you live pain free!

 Dr. Waldman is a licensed doctor of physical therapy who has been teaching and helping design classes at The Living Room Brooklyn since 2014. He graduated with a undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and received his DPT from NYIT in Long Island. Currently, he works at a hospital here in the NY area, in addition to PT services and instructing classes at The Living Room, Dr. Waldman’s main focus is on preventing injury and restoring the bodies natural functional movement patterns. When he is not practicing, he enjoys working out, teaching spin classes, cooking healthy meals, running and participating in triathlons.



Consultation                        $100
(Examples of this type of session include, but are not limited to, ergonomics in the work; posture assessments; running gait analysis; exercise plans to reduce back pain, bike fitting, orthotics, muscle tapping, etc.)

In Studio Treatment           $70
(Examples of this type of session, upon evaluation by the Doctor, would include, but are not limited to, muscle manipulation, soft tissue work, electric stimulation, etc.  This type of appointment also requires a referral note from your doctor.)

Home Based Treatment     $100
(This appointment type offers all of the above possibilities but from the comfort of your own home.)

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