Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique which uses universal life force energy (Ki in Japan, Qi in China, Prana in the Hindu tradition, etc.) to heal your body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This energy is channeled through the practitioner and into specific areas of the client's body to promote the body's natural healing capabilities. Reiki is useful for relaxation and de-stressing, aiding in recovery from surgery, injury and illness, getting over mental and emotional traumas, opening and aligning the chakras, correcting bad habits, and connecting you to your spiritual self. While reiki is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, it works well with all other medical and physical therapies.

Restorative Reiki sessions are curtailed to your specific needs but can include: scanning which locates areas in need of healing, beaming which sends healing energy into your body, healing attunements which aids in quitting smoking or drinking as well as other psychological issues, and psychic surgery- a non-invasive procedure used to dissolve energy blockages.


sam Levine

Sam is an educator, yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. Sam is fascinated by energy work and mind-body practices, which have the power to deepen our connection with ourselves and the world and empower us to live happier and healthier lives. Sam helped found an education company called Breathe For Change, which leads yoga and mindfulness workshops for educators across the country. Sam lives in NYC, loves to cook, play basketball and travel the world and is currently enrolled in the Spirituality Mind-Body Masters program in Clinical Psychology through Columbia University.  



60 Minute Restorative Reiki Session       $100

90 Minute Restorative Reiki Session      $150


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