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Sisters in Sweat
Boot Camp


What do you want your life to look like in 2 months time?? Get ready to feel supported, encouraged and empowered to become the best version of yourself!

This Boot Camp Series is for the woman who is looking for more than just a workout.  We are a TRIBE! In this 8 week program you'll workout outside, with a group of badass women, and get the option to incorporate healthy, whole food meal delivery into every workout!





I have been inspired to take the goodness of the studio and bring it into the great outdoors.  And, by great outdoors... I mean McCarren Park! 

In a desire to keep the exclusivity that The Living Room Brooklyn is known for, there will be just 12 spots available in the entire FALL program. This means, just like my studio classes, you will receive an incredibly customized and attentive group fitness experience.  I have divided this series into two groups; an AM Session (meeting on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 7 AM) and a PM Session (meeting on Monday's and Wednesday's at 7PM).  There are 6 spots available in each group and the program has been purposely constructed in such a way that you can join both groups (AT A DISCOUNTED RATE) and effectively work out with me 4 days a week!


So, what's so SPECIAL about this Boot Camp??

Remember how I said this Boot Camp is not just about the workout?? Each enrollee will start the program off with a 30 minute one on one goal setting session with yours truly. In this meeting we will discuss what YOU want to get out of the program and how we can maximize that experience for you. You'll then receive two personalized homework videos, dedicated specifically to helping you reach the goals we discussed, and allowing you to feel empowered with tools in your toolbox when you're not in group!

Throughout the series we will have biweekly check- ins (via FaceTime or Phone Call) to help keep you accountable, committed, and most importantly supported. After the program is complete we will meet ONE MORE time in person to discuss your successes, celebrate your 6 week investment in self care, and to find new ways of challenging you in the future!

It's not just the level of one one one support that sets this Boot Camp apart from others!  In order for you to get the most out of your 6 week commitment we have partnered with Tribe Kitchen to extend you the option of adding delicious, whole food, available for pickup after every workout.... at an incredibly reasonable rate. Don't feel like cooking for the week? No problem! You can tack on additional meals at that same special price! The more convenient it is to eat well and move your body the more likely you are to do it! 

However, this program isn't intended to just make you move and nourish your body, it will also fill your heart up with the wonderful community we are about to create together. You'll have other women to rely on and to be supported by, and with movement we will empower each other to be the best version of ourselves possible. At the end of the series we will all join together to celebrate our successes and sisterhood with a one day Wellness Retreat. This day is simply for the fun of it, with a variety of wellness (and witchy) events curated for your soulful enjoyment.  Also, wine.



In September, we take over.  McCarren Park that is!  Both the AM & PM Sessions will begin the week of September 17th and run for 6 weeks.  In addition to the 6 week set schedule there are two additional weeks padded on to the end of the program to allow for "make up" classes just in case life gets a bit crazy and you need to miss a class.  

AM Session Dates:
Tuesday's & Thursday's at 7 AM

Week 1    9/18 & 9/20
Week 2    9/25 & 9/27
Week 3*    10/2
Week 4    10/9 & 10/11
Week 5    10/16 & 10/18
Week 6    10/23 & 10/25 & 11/30
Makeup Week #1   11/1 & 11/6
Make Up Week #2 11/8 & 11/ 13 

*Week 3 we will not meet on 10/4 (I will be out of town on a business mastermind)


PM Session Dates:
Monday's & Wednesday's at 7 PM

Week 1   9/17 & 9/19
Week 2   9/24 & 9/26
Week 3  10/1 & 10/3
Week 4* 10/10
Week 5   10/15 & 10/17
Week 6   10/22 & 10/24 & 10/29
Make Up Week #1  10/31 & 11/5
Make Up Week #2  11/7 & 11/12

* Week 4 we are OFF 10/8 for Columbus Day




So, how do you feel about adding sun, movement, and whole food into your daily habits?  A lot can change in 8 weeks when you fully commit to yourself and have a community of like minded women to hold you up. 

Just The Sweats    $325

This plan includes 16 Boot Camp Workouts, ONE 30 Minute Goal Setting Session, FOUR 15 minute bi weekly virtual check-ins, and ONE 30 Minute Recap Meeting at the end of the program.  This also includes access to the Wellness Day Retreat that will take place at the end of the program to celebrate everyone's successes!

Want to GO... ALL IN??     $617.50

I've purposely scheduled the AM and PM sessions on different days to allow women the option of joining BOTH GROUPS! That means you'll workout with me 4 times a week AND have the option of joining BOTH meal programs. Those women who want to join both groups will receive %10 OFF the PM Session enrollment! To take advantage of this offer email erica@thelivingroombk.com  for a special PROMO CODE!


ADD ONS.....

*** Please note: You are not obligated to add anything onto the JUST THE SWEATS base model to join this boot camp program!  We are simply offering these additional features to make the absolute most out of your experience and to create complete and utter ease around getting a workout AND a meal that is good for your body, soul, and wallet!

The Breakfast Club    $84 (12 meals)

Want to make sure you have a healthy and balanced meal after every workout? We do too!  That's why we have partnered with Tribe Kitchen to provide you with the option of adding a breakfast onto every workout for JUST 7 DOLLARS a meal!! Commit to the Breakfast Club and receive this special rate as well as the ability to add on additional meals at this member price. (Dinners can be added onto your Breakfast Club service for just $10 per meal)

The Diners Club    $120 (12 meals)

Want to make sure you have a healthy and balanced meal after every workout? We do too! That's why we have partnered with Tribe Kitchen to provide you with the option of adding dinner onto every workout for JUST 10 DOLLARS a meal!! Commit to the Diners Club and receive this special rate as well as the ability to add on additional meals at this member price. (Breakfast meals can be added a la carte onto your Diners Club service for just $7 per meal)

$9 per Breakfast
$12 per Dinner

Don't want to make the full commitment to the either club?  All good! You can choose to add a meal to your workout a la carte style each week.


To make sure you are 1 of 12 badass women in this Boot Camp Series this Fall enroll today!

*** depending on your website browser you may need to "search" for The Living Room Brooklyn studio in MindBody in order to access the online store for registration.  If you have any difficulties enrolling please do not hesitate to email: Erica@thelivingroombk.com